Selling Mineral Rights: Some Top Considerations

‘Mineral rights’ is a term used to describe the unique set of privileges awarded to individuals owning property. These privileges award property owners full control to any minerals that is found within their real estate, allowing them to extract, sell, and bequeathed both organic and non-organic materials for any given purpose. Minerals such as oil, coal, gas, and gemstones fall under these clauses in laws governing property ownership.

Those holding mineral rights to their property can be faced with several dilemmas and important decision. Among the many considerations that should be analyzed by these property owners is the question of whether or not it is beneficial to sell their rights to another party. As an alternative to selling, property owners can also consider leasing out their property. The first choice allows a property owner to receive an immediate sum as payout. Meanwhile, the second scenario gives the property owner the opportunity to receive royalty payments from the materials mined by whoever holds the lease. This decision can easily be overwhelming because both can prove to be beneficial in the long run. However, most experts advocate that selling mineral rights is a much better choice.

Simply leasing mineral rights leaves property owner vulnerable to the possible decline of the value being mined on their land. When this happens, the amount of royalty payments they will receive in the future can continue to decrease. Selling mineral rights offer much more security, offering property owners a huge payout at the time when the material on their land is at its most valuable. Property owners can also be assured that they won’t have to face significant increases in tax that is typically associated with royalty earnings.

This immediate payout can prove valuable should there be an emergency that requires immediate financial attention. An accident or a sudden death in the family can do a lot to strain one’s stability and having a lump sum can definitely come in handy.

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